November 12, 2010

The Bargain Awesome-ness Just Keeps Coming...

Omg I think I'm in love. Well, obviously, with this wedding planning and all, but now with a website.

The 15 Dollar Store.

Okay fine. $15. Whatever. What does it have?


And other attire and accessories, but I'm drooling over the SHOES AND DRESSES. All for $15. Somebody pinch me! 8D

It is clothing site for juniors, but I'm still young and short, so that is not an issue. Plus, shoe sizes are the same no matter what age you are!

This is all thanks to the lovely Miss Sloth from, yep you guessed it, WeddingBee! Thanks to her awesome bridal ensemble on a budget post, I have been enlightened!

I could get these...

Extremely affordable $15 silver strappy shoes.
or this...

Extremely affordable $15 silver party dress.
or maybe this...

Extremely affordable $15 tan and lace sundress.
And look. at. this.

Extremely affordable $15 floor length grey bridesmaids dress.
Affordable but very tasteful bridesmaid dresses!!! And they kinda look like those fancy twobirds bridesmaid dresses! (They're all the rage in wedding blogs these days) And they even come in gray/silver AND purple!!! And they're floor length so it could be appropriate for a winter OR a summer wedding!

I'm sensing serendipity here.

I mean I even could ask the lovely girlies to buy these now, because for heavens sake, they're $15 fracking dollars!!! 8D

These dresses could be dressed up very easily too, all you need is a pretty sash or big flower or something, but I can work with them!

*starts reading store return policies in my drunken dress excitement stupor*

Well, I just found one slight catch - all sales are final.

Boo :P So that means that if I do get said dresses, I would have to make sure they all fit now and pray they all fit later... *sighs* It could work...except I don't know if I want all silver or all both maybe?

Yeah, I'm getting overly excited about this like I did with shoes before, however it is important to me that I get a bridesmaid dress that is affordable for all of my girls. Almost all of them are still getting degrees right now and don't have a couple hundred bucks to throw around on dresses.

It would be probably one of the most budget friendly dresses ever!

And these dresses were way cheaper than the shoes I was eying previously.

So...I know most of my bridesmaids-to-be know about this blog, (except for one...I think she might worry about me too much if I showed her XD) what you do think? :)

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Anonymous said...

the 2nd dress i am not a fan of at all.

the first dress looks like it could be fun...i think the last would be my favorite....for weddings i like more full length dresses..

but i would have to see them on me to see if i really like them..

and i think that is the problem with the 15dollar can't see how the dress looks on you before you buy it...

there is my comment. hopefully its helpful.

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