June 6, 2010

Garage Sales = Potential Goldmine

I love garage saling.

It is wonderful! You can get the shopping bug out of you, you can barter for pretty much anything, and *most* items are cheaply or reasonably priced! What more could a thrifty girl ask for?!

Some may be worried about going the garage sale route. There is no guarantee that you will stumble upon something "perfect" for your centerpieces/cake table/favors/etc. and the quantity of something you find may not be ideal. But for some things, it can really pay off!

While I was garage saling Saturday morning, I found tons of things that could potentially be used for a wedding!

Cake knife and server
Wishing well for cards
(it looked awful but one could fix it up if you really want a wishing well...not my style but to each his own)
Large shallow glass bowls
Decorative stones
Loose dried lavender
Fake flowers
Fabric Paints
Small topiaries
Photo Albums
Floral Wire
And much more that I presently can't remember, lol

Really, look in the newspaper or on craigslist and start searching! Waking up early for a few Saturday mornings definitely can't hurt :)