June 16, 2010

A Budget To Be Realized

So, in response to my last post, I have done a mock budget for what I feel is important to me and my wedding experience.

Please note that yes, some prices are lower, and probably unrealistically lower too. The reason I feel I can make some important numbers cheaper is because I would learn to not try to find something "perfect" but try to find something enjoyable. I would be able to compromise a lot more than when I was first planning everything out...

Will this happen?! No clue, but that's why this blog exists!

Consider this a "hopeful," experimental budget:

Location, Rentals, Food, Drinks: $3750??? (only if I can somehow find a cheap but nice venue and have a limited bar)
Cake: $150 (make my own yummy creation!)
Service Fees: $750 (complete guess, based on the $3000)
Gratuities: $325 (also a complete guess)
Total: $4,975

Dress: $250 (ebay baby! plus alterations)
Tuxedo: $0 (groom's tux is usually free with groomsmen's)
Veil: $40 (planning to make my own)
Jewelry (minus the rings): $0 (use or borrow things I already have)
Shoes: $0 (use a pair I already have)
Garter: $10
Total: $300

Photographer:$1500 (only if I can find a package with included prints)
Extra Prints: $250 (only if this amounts makes me feel like I have enough to remember the wedding by)
Photo Album: $20 (doesn't have to be anything fancy)
Videographer: $600 (only if I can find one for this price that's worth it)
DVD Copies: $30 (they don't cost that much to make/burn)
Total: $2,400

DJ: $0 (ipod route)
Musicians for Ceremony: $500
Total: $500

Marriage License: $40 (actual researched value for NY state)
Taxes: $300 (complete guess)
Tips: $300 (also complete guess)
Total: $640

Bouquets: $140 (making my own, obviously :D)
Boutonnieres: $30 (making these too)
Corsages: $20 (and these...I think I'll need some help, lol)
Ceremony Flowers: $50 (lots of rose petals...)
Reception Flowers: $15 (use the ceremony's bouquets plus some more rose petals)
Table Centerpieces: $180 (for about 12 tables...?)
Cake Table: $10 (eh, the cake should be the center of attention anyway)
Candles: $25 (lots of tea lights...)
Total: $470

(all of these are based on getting cardstock in bulk and making them myself)
Invitations: $40 (less elaborate)
Save-the-Dates: $30
Programs: $20 (less elaborate)
Thank You Cards: $30 (buy bulk cards too)
Stamps: $120 (for the invites, save-the-dates and the thank you cards)
Guest Book: $25
Total: $265

Bride's Ring: $500
Groom's Ring: $500
Total: $1,000

Cost for transport of all guests from reception site to ceremony and back.
Transport to Ceremony: $425
Transport to Reception: $425
Total: $850

Wedding Favors: $150 (if I'm having favors, they have to be cheap!)
Gifts for Bridesmaids: $80
Gifts for Groomsmen: $60 (he'll probably just give them nice beer, lol)
Gifts for Parents: $0 (my parents have already said no to gifts, and *hopefully* his parents will agree to none as well)
Gifts for Each Other: $75 (we won't over-do it)
Total: $365

Location Fees: $650 ($6.50 per person, per 1.5 hours)
Officiant's Fee: $0 (get a friend to do the ceremony)
Total: $650

Salon Appointments: $150
Bachelorette Party: $50 (hoping my girls will buy me drinks, lol)
Brunch: $150 (hoping to have add-ons to an already included continental breakfast at a hotel)
Hotel Room: $250
Total: $600

Grand Total: $13,015


Did I add this right?!