May 11, 2010

The Beginnings of a Wedding Budget, Part 1

Whew! That last post was a doozy!

But gasp! I haven't even given a low-down of the budget yet, the major crux of my entire blog! D: That has to be fixed.

One helpful wedding budget spreadsheet can be found here, this one is great because it lists many different items that you wouldn't think to include right off the bat, so there will be less surprise dollar bills flying out of your wallet later XP

I'll be honest, when I first tried this out, I unrealistically changed a lot of prices just to ease the sticker-shock and my sanity, XP, but here I put in the awful, estimated truth:

Location, Rentals, Food, Drinks: $6000 (based on some research, but this is one of the lowest numbers that included an open bar)
Extra Linens: $70 (if they don't have colored ones for rent)
Cake: $300 (and this is probably low, I just refuse to pay more for a silly cake)
Service Fees: $1500 (complete guess, based on the $6000)
Gratuities: $750 (also a complete guess)
Total: $8,620

Dress: $300 (ebay baby! plus alterations)
Tuxedo: $0 (groom's tux is usually free with groomsmen's)
Veil: $40 (planning to make my own)
Jewelry (minus the rings): $30
Shoes: $30 (gotta love Payless! :D)
Garter: $10
Total: $410

Extra Prints: $500 (hoping some prints are included in a package)
Photo Album: $20 (doesn't have to be anything fancy)
Videographer: $800
DVD Copies: $30 (they don't cost that much to make/burn)
Total: $2,850

DJ: $500 (debating about this...really don't care if I don't have a DJ to announce things/events...)
Musicians for Ceremony: $500
Total: $1,000

Marriage License: $40 (actual researched value for NY state)
Taxes: $500 (complete guess)
Tips: $500 (also complete guess)
Total: $1,040

Bouquets: $140 (making my own, obviously :D)
Boutonnieres: $30 (making these too)
Corsages: $20 (and these...I think I'll need some help, lol)
Ceremony Flowers: $125 (guess for how much a florist's flower swag costs plus lots of rose petals...)
Reception Flowers: $15 (use the ceremony's flowers and bouquets plus some more rose petals)
Table Centerpieces: $180 (for about 12 tables...?)
Cake Table: $10 (eh, the cake should be the center of attention anyway)
Candles: $25 (lots of tea lights...)
Total: $545

Semi-Total: $14,465

And I'm only halfway done.

To be continued...